Are You the Best Worker Your Job Has Ever Seen?

August 31, 2017

Are you the best worker your job has ever seen? Does your performance stand out from the rest of the crowd? If you are in management, do you lead the way? If you are not a manager are you one of the best employees your company has on payroll?


The tendency to excel is paramount if you want to experience success. Just getting by, being OK with mediocrity, having only what you need and no more is not the best way to move up the ranks to being seen as exceptional.


These are a few ideas about the way to become the best worker your job has ever seen:


1) Get to work before your start time - the early bird gets the worm. Get up early enough to make sure you get ready for the work you are about to do. It helps to spend a little quiet time by yourself, put your mind in the right framework and to hit the floor running.


2) Have a game plan of action you can execute at work- once you get to work you must be effective. This means having a plan you can execute. Wasting time is not an indication that you are a good worker. Most employees who are paid for 8 hours of work each day typically only work about 3 hours a day. The rest of the time is spent looking like they are working, focusing on personal projects and getting ready to go home.


3) Cooperate with all co-workers- the team focus is best for optimum results. If we can get everyone on the same page working towards one goal then our chances for great success increase exponentially.


4) Do the best job possible for your company - make sure your company looks good. Ensure they made the right decision by hiring you. Show why you are the best person for the job you have.


5) If you are a leader at work, then lead by example - people do best following a leader they can see before them. Sadly so many want to ascribe to the belief of "do what I say, not what I do." it is much easier to emulate successful behavior if you have an example you can put your hands on. Allow people to ask you questions about how you got to be such a good worker.


6) Finally, be highly motivated - nothing moves people more than motivation at a high level. Stay up. Get up so you can go up!


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