Make The Word “No” Your Best Friend

August 3, 2017

You will never survive in a competitive sales environment if you cannot handle and deal with the word "no". It is as common as word as any in our modern day language. It has been programmed into our minds from an early age and still lingers on in the mind of most.



Consider how we learned how to walk. Little children will climb over to a table, place their hands upon it and pull themselves into a standing position. They will look around for a few months, let go and take a few steps. Then they fall down. Do they quit? Do they tell themselves that failing to walk this time means they will not walk at all? Or do they crawl back to that table and try again? Children fall down lost of times before they finally get the hang of walking.


Consider what it took for them to get the courage to take that first step. Children start off on their backs getting love and attention for others. Then they learn how to roll over on their stomach. In that position they begin to learn how to crawl. At first they scoot along but in time they learn how to pull their legs under them, get on all 4 and crawl. This process can take weeks or even months to master. But these children are determined to get the hang of it.


Through continued efforts and hard work the child learns how to grab hold of things, stand up and walk, Now he is reaching for everything and the word he becomes very familiar with is "no". Don't touch this, stop it, I am going to spank you, he is so bad, etc. etc, etc. Negatives words create negative thoughts within him and without realizing it, the activity he once partook with unashamed resolve he must now stop it.


Most parents have no idea of how detrimental it is to associate the word "no" with activities that are positive. Learning to walk is positive. Exploring your environment is positive. Yes, there are dangers associated with children pulling things down on themselves or knocking things over. But the act of reaching for something higher is not bad; matter of fact, it is the very essence of success.


Don’t ever give up, no matter how many "no's' you have to listen to.


Reach for the stars. You may hit the moon.


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