Don't Quit When You Can Win

August 3, 2017

If you have chosen to embark on a career in sales then you have chosen to take your life down a roller coaster ride. Sales is full of the ups and downs that makes life exciting!



Failure is inherent with a career in sales. Most of the time you have to deal with people who don't like or need your product. There is always an objection waiting for you to overcome. The financial pressure caused by you not producing sales can be overwhelming. Add to this that most successful people are not happy when they fail and you have the perfect combination for wanting to quit.


Let me offer you some encouragement. Don't quit when you are working on your goal. You don't know if you will succeed with the very next blow. Stay on task, on course and watch what happens to the diligent.


IT WILL GET BETTER! Hard to believe but it's true. Things always look darkest before the dawn. There are times when it gets incredibly hard to go on and continue pushing. But we have to remember that life is in a constant state of flux and things always change. They go from bad to worse to better to good (not always in that order).


CHANGE IS GOOD! It may not look like it at the time, but change is a good thing. Consider how it was when man began to ride horses instead of walking everywhere. I know he must have felt relieved and a horse could travel farther and faster than he had done on foot. However in time we had the railroad train, automobile and airplane. These methods were all faster and carried man farther. People are always changing. So will you in your sales career. Don't neglect changes for they will help propel you to new heights.


QUITTERS NEVER WIN! Who remembers the guy who almost made it? The winner of the silver medal in the Olympics? The team who came in second best at the championship game? Although most of us forget their names the one thing we will remember is the person who quits.


Coming in 2nd is very important because it means you tried your hardest to come in first. Not everyone will be a superstar but when you enter the game, stay in it no matter what.


WINNERS NEVER QUIT- Finally, in the words of Mr. Churchill, "never, ever, ever quit". Stay in the game. Keep going. In the end you will be a better person.


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