Mastering the Sales Cycle

July 31, 2017

If you are in sales you have a decision to make; should I stay in sales and make it my career, or should I leave sales and get another job?



If you have decided to stay, will you be just another average agent making an average (or below average) income, or will you strive to excel at your craft?


I believe that if we will pay the price to rise from being just average to above average and look to take this career to another level, then the key is mastering the sales cycle. one you understand how this cycle works you can plan a road trip to success.


Mike Kaplan, author of "Secrets of a Master Closer" had this to say about understanding the sales cycle;


"Before someone will own a product, he must first buy it. Before he will buy it, he has to want it. Before he will want it, he has to be aware of how it will solve his problems. To do that, the prospect has to have his attention directed to the features and benefits of the product that will solve his problem, and he won't let that happen unless he first wants his problem solved - and that won't happen until his problem is found."


I would suggest to anyone serious about selling as a career to learn this paragraph well. It sums up the sales cycle. And when we strive to take detours or go in other directions our sales seem to struggle.


Before you can get to your presentation and discuss features and benefits of our products you have to establish that your prospect wants to go there. I know I have been guilty of meeting people, going right into a presentation and then wondering why it was so hard to close. Here is what I found out;


  1. If you don't uncover a problem in your prospect's life, your products won't be viewed as a solution.

  2. You must play up the problem in your prospect's life so it is foremost in your conversation. " So you said Mr. Prospect that if something unexpected happened to you, your family would need all the financial assistance they could get. Isn't that right?"

  3. You must directly tie the features and benefits of your product to their problem. Forget how great your product is; focus on how it solves their problem and you will have an easier time closing the sale.

Learn the cycle. Master it. Then go out and make a ton of money!

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