REnt to own Program

Are you looking for a home that is rent with option to buy? If you have thought about a home that you can rent to purchase, then talk to us. It is possible for you to rent a home you would like to buy, stay in it for a year or two and then purchase this house.  If this is you, then our 'Rent to Own Program" may work for you.

Single family home rentals

Homes for rent in surrounding Southern California areas. Our rent to own places are  move in ready and just waiting for the right person to come and take up residence.


Each home in our rent to own program is picked by you. We have no inventory. Instead we position you to find the home you want and we buy it. We put the home in our  "lease to own" program and you apply as a tenant with the understanding that you will purchase the home from us in a time we both set in the future.

How Do I Get Into a Rent to Own Home in California

We have rent to own homes in Southern California. You can lease your own home to purchase in Los Angeles area or surrounding suburbs (Los Angeles Country, Orange County and San Bernardino County). These are single family homes and best of all is you get to pick the house you want to one day buy from us.


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How do I qualify for a lease to own home?

— Name, Title

Our lease to own program is geared towards helping people enjoy the benefits of home ownership. While in the program we expect you to take care of the property as if it were your own and become a positive contributor to the neighborhood your home is located in.


We are looking for people who have

(1) stable income

(2) credit that can qualify for a new mortgage when it is time to exercise your lease option in the future. We have resources to help you meet this criteria.

(3) credit history with no judgements for non payment of rent

(4) willingness to become a homeowner.

How do I get started

Qualifying for lease to own program in Southern CA is not complicated.


1) Contact us via email with your phone number to request an info packet.


2) We have a phone conversation after you have read the guidelines.


3) If interested you apply online.


4) If approved we begin the search with you for your next home.

Contact us today. Lets get started.

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