Building Sales Organization

It is the goal of our agency to build a sales organization that consistently produces over $2,000,000 in annualized premiums through the efforts of our sales team. This can only be done by bringing in agents who understand the importance of being involved in selling situations over 80% of the time. We recognize that we are a selling organization and want to instill that belief in each agent that works with us. We strive to take some time each week to prospect for new clients while keeping our focus on selling time. We are looking for agents to join our team and for people who want to build their own agency. We are part of a large Final Expense company you can work with.

The key to achieving unparalleled success is being in the right place at the right time. We believe you will find this can be that place. All you have to do is come prepared to follow our pathway for success. Best of all, you can work full time or part time. We encourage part time workers so that you can learn our systems, make some money and either supplement your current income or replace it.

Maybe you would like to move into management yourself and build a team of agents you are responsible for. If you would like to develop into a top notch manager and build a team, consider joining our group.  We believe the future belongs to those who are willing to grab a hold of it.

Higher Personal Commissions Earned

Our initial contracts start at 70%. As you move up on the management track your personal commissions will also move up. It is not uncommon for Agency Managers to have 100% or better contracts on their personal production." How can this be" you may ask?


Our carriers allow us to benefit from bringing more business to them. The better you are at building your agency and helping your agents become productive the more you will make. It's that simple.


Contact us today and get started.

Overrides and Bonuses on Team Production

You want to recruit high quality people to join your team. This means that you must plug them into our system for success.


The overrides come from what your team produces. The bonuses come from your team hitting minimum monthly production requirements. When you hit those minimums consistently you will earn a six figure income when added to your personal production.


The best part of working with our team is this is your agency. You can get to the point where all you do is recruit, train and equip your agents to succeed.

Company - Sponsored Trips

We have trips you can earn based on your team production. These trips are sponsored by the companies we work for. In times past we have gone to places like San Diego, Puerto Rico, Ireland, Hawaii and places all over the world.


These trips are expense paid, for an agent and their significant other and will last from 3 -5 days. In addition to being in a great place you will rub shoulders with the top producers in our company.


There is no better way to take your career to the next level than to become a part of a winning team.

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