We have an obligation to give back to those who are in need. At The Lordship Companies Inc. we have a commitment to making the quality of life better for others. We have 3 areas we focus in. The goal is to bring others into our circle of influence so that together we can accomplish great goals.


We are firm believers in education. The foundation of any society is the level of preparedness the people undergo to get ready to lead the next generation to new levels. It is impossible to get there unless someone gains the skills necessary to make a difference.


Our focus is (1) to equip those in countries we support with curriculum to train them to take their positive message to the rest of their community (2) to set up schools where there are none so that educational opportunities will be available to children, (3) to establish adult continuing education classes and (4) training up of new teachers and teacher aides to staff the schools we start and support.


We produce curriculum for the adult classes. We work with the leaders to provide curriculum for the children. And through it all we focus on each student understanding the importance of playing it forward.

Global Prayer Network

We have a commitment to impact the world through the prayers of those who believe. It is encouraging to know that when we pray it is not a waste of time.


Our mission with the Global Prayer Network is to unite a group of people around the world who are sold out to the thought of praying for our nations. Although we live in different time zones it is not the time we pray that matters; it is the fact that we pray.


When you partner with us you receive a prayer outline which shows you when we have committed to pray and what we are praying for.  We will add your prayers to ours and together we will see a change in our world.

Community Support / Cancer Research

Cancer is a deadly disease that has claimed more lives than it should have and caused many families grief. My own family was tragically touched by the sting of cancer when my children were young. I vowed to do my part to help eradicate this deadly disease from human existence.


To that end FMS is committed to joining in the fight to find a cure. There have been many diseases that at one time dominated our society and now we can control them. I think cancer will be no different.


Whether it is helping people in our neighborhoods to get better health care or joining with medical services offered in third world countries FMS is committed to doing it's part to help out. We encourage everyone who reads this message on our website to go and make a donation, give some time and be very positive around those who are suffering. The world needs our support.


 Men and women should always be praying and never give up.

Donate to the American Cancer Society

Your gift means we can bring hope to cancer patients. Together we are fighting cancer smarter, better and harder than we ever have before. Thank you for your support.

Your tax-deductible donations to the Community Benefit program will allow physicians, nurses and social workers to improve the physical and mental health status of greater numbers of medically under served population and increase the opportunities for primary caregivers.

Providing help, hope and opportunity to men, women and children in need.

Save lives by meeting the most critical needs in our communities and investing in breakthrough research to prevent and cure breast cancer.

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