Lordship Properties LLC

We are a Real Estate Investment Company specializing in the purchase and management of a portfolio which includes houses, apartment building and mobile home parks.

We look for properties that are generating a positive cash flow and /or have the potential  to do so. We do not look for renovations projects but properties that are already rented needing minor repairs to be fully rented.


When you are ready to sell your property, consider Lordship Properties as your first option.

We Buy Mobile Home Parks

We look for Mobile Home Park Communities in the US. Our focus is to buy parks that are located in areas with hard working people and those that are 55 and over would choose to live.


Sellers like to work with us because our goal is to create a favorable living environment for our tenants. Tenants like to work with us because they know we are there to take care of the park they live in.

If you own a Mobile Home Park and you are thinking of selling, contact us.

We Turn Homes and Apartments into  Rentals

We have a team of people whose sole purpose is to turn the properties we acquire into properties that fit into Lordship Investment portfolio. .


We chose colors that are both relaxing and soothing. Depending on the location of the property we will renovate in either a contemporary or traditional style (sometimes in a combination of the two). The landscape is important to us so we have professionals come out and create visually appealing landscape.


When it comes to the interior we upgrade all kitchens and bathrooms with modern hardware if needed. The paint we use will offer a complimentary contrast to our choice of floors. Tenants deserve a nice place to live in and Lordship Properties works to make that happen.

We Look for Multi Family properties

We work with Sellers who have multi unit properties they want to sell.


The goal is to work with motivated sellers who are open to different types of financing for their property. We prefer properties that may need a little work although we will consider properties that have been recently renovated.


IIf you are an owner of a multi unit property and you wish to sell just contact us to see if we can put together a deal.

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