Dr. Jeff Davis

I have found that a life worth living is truly a life worth having. The more you are able to take the potential you have been given and use it to create the lifestyle you imagine the more you can enjoy the journey you are on.


I have found writing to be one of the things that allow me to give back from what I have been given. Having spent years involved in activities such as; overseeing a multi-million dollar non- profit organization with 45 employees; counseling both pre marriage and married couples and performing dozens of wedding ceremonies; building the businesses which I enjoy so much have all prepared me for this time in my life.


It is not enough to just survive; you must strive to thrive. You must give it all you have each day and overlook the many challenges that try to keep you down. Look up and take your life where you want it to go.


When you decide to take your career to the next level, the word that comes to mind is "action". Tony Robbins says "if you want to experience incredible results, you have to take massive action. "The way to take your life to the next level is to commit to personal growth and development each day". These books were written to provide a resource for growing beyond your current circumstance. All of these books are available at Amazon and in paperback on Createspace.

This book looks at how a revelation into the realm of tithes and offerings can change your current financial situation.  Open your mind to the possibilities before you.

This book focuses on the concept of tithing and how it relates to offerings.

This book takes a long hard look at leadership. It focuses on the how, why and what leadership is. Contains many references and tools to become a better leader.

This book is for people who work in sales and insurance. It is a how to book on ways to become more successful in selling insurance.

This book looks at how God intends for his children to experience prosperity in this world and the world to come. It examines how we can become more prosperous to accomplish God’s will.

Marriage is intended to last a lifetime. This book compares building a solid marriage to constructing a house.

This book looks at how to build a successful career. It is not an accident but an intentional journey.

This book looks at how to date with the intention of getting married. It is a waste of time to date just anyone when you know exactly what you are dating for.

This book looks at the sovereignty of God as He reveals Himself through His word, the Bible.

If you are serious about learning how to become an Investor or about taking your investing to the next level, this book is for you. It is based on Dr. Jeff Davis personal coaching program.

Yes you can find success in Real Estate if you want it bad enough. Think about it, Dream about it. Can you have it?  Of course you can.

This book is a combination Space Fantasy and love story.  It is a science fiction story about space policemen who chase criminals across the galaxy while a love affair brews between two lawmen.

Wealth is governed by laws.  If these laws are followed they produce results. If they are ignored the laws break us. Learn the laws that make up wealth.

Money seems to preoccupy so much of our time.  This book looks at various aspects of money and how to become more responsible with it.

This book looks at the career of sales and how to overcome the failure so often associated with it.

The key to a healthy relationship is learning how to talk right. A soft answer can turn away wrath.  Examine as Dr. Jeff shares with us ways to soften our words to offend less.

A friend offended is hard to win back. In this book Dr. Jeff explores how we offend, how that impacts our relationships and what we can about it.

“Can’t live with them, hard to live without them”.  Men and women are very different but those differences attract us to each other. This book explores that attraction.

This book is for the serious- minded relationship person. Sex is an important part of an intimate relationship and this book focuses on how it can help to make a good relationship better.

Speak to your problems like Jesus told the disciples to do. This book will encourage you to speak with boldness as you declare that problems in life will not keep you down.

Winning is not optional. It is mandatory. It is something we have been born to want and when you prepare yourself to win, you set yourself on the stage of success. Read everyday of the week with Dr. Jeff as he explores ways to win.

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